Effective as of March 31, 2011

The Bold Ride Privacy Policy describes how Bold Ride LLC and its corporate affiliates treat personal information - including personal information provided by you - when you use the Bold Ride website and applications.

We are committed to transparency and user privacy. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact Bold Ride through our website, by email to admin AT

I. The Information We Collect, Including Personal Information, How We Use It.

Usage and Viewing Information.

When you use Bold Ride, we may record information about your usage of the site, such as pages you bookmark or frequent, your preferences or rankings of models of cars, the pictures you view and the videos you watch, the frequency and size of data transfers (such as comments, picture uploads, etc.), and information you display about yourself (if you have an account) as well as information about the preferences you select in Bold Ride (including settings and the like). We collect this information to optimize your user experience with Bold Ride. If you are logged in to your Bold Ride account, we may associate the information we collect with your account.

No Account Necessary for Browsing and Viewing Content on Bold Ride.

You do not need a Bold Ride account to browse and view content on Bold Ride. Nor do you need an account to contact Bold Ride with questions regarding privacy by emailing us at admin AT

Your Bold Ride Account.

In order to participate in the full range of activities possible through Bold Ride, such as uploading pictures and videos, posting comments, recording your "Bold" preferences, flagging pictures or comments by others, or accessing restricted content, you need a Bold Ride account. We ask for some personal information when you create an account, including your email address and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access. We offer you the possibility of creating your Bold Ride account through third-party websites, such as Facebook, which may transfer personal information to us in the process. If you do not want Facebook information to be transferred to us or your account to be linked to your Facebook page, or if you would like to use a user name other than your Facebook name, please create your Bold Ride account directly through Bold Ride.

Content Uploaded to Bold Ride.

Any personal information, pictures or videos that you voluntarily disclose online (e.g., your Bold Ride profile page and user name, any comments that you make, any information about your car or car preferences, or any pictures or video that you upload) may be collected and used by others. Please be aware that if you upload a picture or video containing a license plate number or identifiable location information (such as an address), that information will be visible on the site.

Communication Confirmations.

In order to ensure you receive requested communications from us, such as customer service responses or registration materials, we may place a web beacon or other tag in emails and other types of communications with you in order to confirm delivery.

How We Use the Information We Collect.

Bold Ride uses information you submit to us, including personal information, to operate, maintain, and improve the features and functionality of Bold Ride, and to process any rankings, communications, and flagging activity you send to us. We do not use your email address or other personal information to send commercial or marketing messages without your consent. Nor do we provide such information to others for the purposes of doing so. We may, however, use your email address solely for non-marketing, administrative purposes (such as notifying you of major Bold Ride changes or for customer service purposes). You can opt out of Bold Ride email updates in your Account settings page.

Like many websites, we use cookies, web beacons, and log file information to operate the Bold Ride site. Among other things, we use these processes to (a) store information so that you will not have to re-enter it when you visit Bold Ride; (b) provide personalized content and information; (c) monitor user traffic across the site; (d) monitor metrics, in the aggregate, such as the total number of visitors to the site and pages viewed; and (e) track your uploads, rankings, entries, and submissions so that they can be linked to your account. To the extent Bold Ride operates sweepstakes or contests, we also will use cookies, web beacons, and log file information, including personal information, to track and identify entries, submissions, votes, and winners. (The exact terms of any contest or sweepstakes will be set forth in a separate document.) We also may use cookies, web beacons, and log file information to contact Bold Ride users in the event we receive legitimate complaints regarding comments or uploaded materials that are inconsistent with Bold Ride's Terms & Conditions of Use.

Please note that we do not exercise control over sites that are linked to from Bold Ride, sites that host third-party content embedded in Bold Ride, sites that host or incorporate Bold Ride applications, products or services, sites from which Bold Ride content is drawn (such as Flickr, YouTube, or car manufacturers' sites) or other links from within Bold Ride's platform. These other sites may place their own cookies or other files on your computer, collect data or solicit personal information from you. You should check their privacy policies if you have any questions or concerns. If we ever intend to use any information we collect in a manner different than the purpose for which it was collected, we will ask for your consent prior to such use.

Information That Bold Ride Makes Publicly Available.

When you create a Bold Ride account, some information about your account and account activity will be viewable by other users of Bold Ride. This may include the date you opened your account, the date you last logged into your account, your age or other information you choose to make public, your uploads and rankings on Bold Ride, and the frequency with which you use Bold Ride or various components of it. If you create your account using Facebook, some Facebook information may be viewable as well. Your Bold Ride account name, not your email address, is displayed to other users when you upload pictures or videos, make comments, rank cars, or send messages through Bold Ride. Other users can contact you by leaving a message or comment on the site. Any pictures, videos or comments that you submit to Bold Ride will be displayed and redistributed through the internet and other media channels. As such, they may be viewed by other Bold Ride users or the general public.

When you create your Bold Ride account, you may decide to add personal information which may include your name, gender, picture, car ownership, affiliation, or other details. This information will be visible to other users on your Bold Ride profile page and related pages. If you choose to add certain features to your account profile, then these features and your activity associated with them also will be displayed to other users, and may be aggregated and shared with other users. Such shared information may include your favorite cars, pictures, or videos; your rankings; your uploads; and your comments and favorite comments.

Responses to Legal Process.

Bold Ride processes personal information you submit on our servers in the United States of America. Though Bold Ride makes every effort to preserve user privacy, Bold Ride may need to disclose personal information as required by law, such as when we have a good-faith belief that disclosure is necessary to comply with a judicial proceeding, a court order or legal process served on Bold Ride.

II. Choices

If you have a Bold Ride account, you may update or correct your personal profile information, email preferences and privacy settings at any time by visiting your account profile page.

You may control the information that is available to other users by editing your Bold Ride account and the features that are included on your profile page.

You can always decline to create an account or to submit personal information through Bold Ride, in which case you can still explore Bold Ride and view pictures, videos and other information about makes and models of cars. Please note, however, that if you do not have an account Bold Ride may not be able to provide certain services to you. To the extent Bold Ride uses a third-party service such as Google Checkout, Amazon, Facebook, or AdSense, the privacy notices of the third-party service governs the use of your personal information associated with it. Bold Ride is not responsible for any personal information that is made available because of your use of these other services.

III. Advertising on Bold Ride.

First party data includes information collected during your current search or visit to our website, such as the pages you are viewing or have viewed. If you are viewing parts of the Bold Ride site dedicated to a particular make and model of automobile, or if you search for a particular make or model, your interest may be used to display relevant advertisements to you on the Bold Ride site. First-party data we collect is not shared with any other third parties, however, and is used only for proprietary ad delivery, ad reporting, and contextual advertising through Bold Ride. We do not participate in online behavioral advertising as defined by the Digital Advertising Alliance and FTC.

Third Party Advertising and Cookies.

Some of our third party advertising partners may distribute cookies to users in advertisements that are provided to us for display. We have no access to, or control over, these cookies. These advertisers may be engaging in online behavioral advertising as defined by the Digital Advertising Alliance and FTC. Additional information may be available through these advertisers' privacy policies.

Business Transitions.

In the event Bold Ride is sold, merges with another company, or transitions to another corporate form, it is highly likely that the user information collected by Bold Ride will be transferred to Bold Ride's successor as part of the business transition.

Information security.

We take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access to or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of the data in our possession. These steps include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store personal data.

Access to personal information is restricted to Bold Ride employees, contractors and agents who need to know that information in order to process it on our behalf. These individuals are bound by confidentiality obligations and may be subject to discipline, including termination and criminal prosecution, if they fail to meet these obligations. Although we work hard to protect personal information that we collect and store, no program is one hundred percent secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our safeguards will prevent every unauthorized attempt to access, use or disclose personal information.

If you become aware of a security issue, please contact us at We will work with you to address any problems that come to our attention.


Bold Ride regularly reviews its compliance with this Privacy Policy. When we receive formal written complaints, it is Bold Ride's policy to contact the person making the complaint regarding his or her concerns. We will cooperate with the appropriate regulatory authorities, including local data protection authorities, to resolve any complaints regarding privacy that cannot be resolved directly with the complainant.

Changes to this Privacy Policy.

This Privacy Policy may change from time to time, but we will not materially reduce your rights under our Privacy Policy without your explicit consent. Any Privacy Policy changes will be posted on our Privacy Policy page and, if the changes are significant, we will provide a more prominent notice (including, for certain changes, email notification). Archived copies of prior versions of the Privacy Policy will be kept for your review.

More Information.

For questions concerning Bold Ride or your account, please contact us at